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Here you are able to thoroughly define yourself in private, encoded in the blockchain and maintained only by you. No one can cancel you, no one can surveil you. By assigning yourself a pseudo name or handle, you can interact with others in pure anonymity. But you must not lie, otherwise the trustless, “truth-sayer” nature of the blockchain, as maintained by your connections in this ecosphere, will out you. This SecureX Layered Web of Trust by Consensus underpinning (natural vote-like relationship tracking) will ensure that “if I trust you, then I’m more apt to trust those that you trust”. . .

This is important because, the way the blockchain and this application works, we are able to ensure that you are in here only once (one profile) and that you can’t modify your standing within the ecosphere, only those that interact with you over time can influence it.

There is a tremendous amount of divisiveness in the world and in humanity. The labeling and categorization of individuals in and of itself is divisive and yet we found that such a tool is ironically essential in assisting, at least at a high level, one in their pursuit of sovereignty.

Categorizations, like Religion or Political Party, appear to fuel the divisiveness and provide a crutch such that many don’t take the time to really evaluate their humanity.  Attempting to rise above the myriad narratives presented to us daily, you’ll note that we’ve taken great strides in asking you to think and feel into your beliefs and identities, removing the boxes that others have hijacked and otherwise created for us.