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Welcome to your SecureSovereign Setup and Options area – below you’ll see and can access the featured modules scheduled for the initial release of the SecureSovereign.com Platform.


SecureCloaking is a series of communication tools, from web browsers, to semi-social media, to email, to text messaging, all built upon a secure and invisible blockchain protocol, allowing you to conduct your life and business without the threat of surveillance or cancellation. Like all of the SecureX blockchain utilities, you are anonymous yet transparent.

SecureProfile is your private record on the blockchain, unique to you and only one per person, ever. Here you can assign yourself a handle, or remain totally anonymous, yet participate in the SecureSovereign plaform. After you’ve created your SecureProfile record, you can participate in the SecureCommunity building module below.


SecureCommunity allows you to be included in the community building searches of others, based on the unique, private attributes that you have given yourself in your SecureProfile setup. Similarly, you are able to create searches across the SecureSovereign eco system, creating and saving the associated communities as you build them.

SecureX Wallet

SecureX Wallet is the hub of the system, providing you a gateway to the SecureSovereign platform and all of the related tools. Additionally, it provides you with the most secure method possible to hold and store your Bitcoin: your keys, your coins – client-side ownership, unlike most wallets where there’s an intermediary.