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Short Summary

If you are like most people, you are fed up, period. You are tired of:

  • A narrative that makes no sense; that is blatantly malevolent.
  • Having your constitutional rights imposed upon.
  • Being told how to manage your health care.
  • Being constantly and secretly surveilled.
  • Being cancelled and/or de-platformed.
  • Being constantly told what you should believe and what you can and cannot say.

The SecureSovereign blockchain platform app for your smartphone provides you:

  • Secure, decentralized, censorship-resistant, sovereign platform for your future.
  • Provides secret and secure access to both centralized and decentralized websites.
  • Provides access to the new Web3 Dapps (Decentralized Applications).
  • Provides secret and secure text and direct messaging, and email messaging.
  • Enables you to create your blockchain secret and secure profile and handle.
  • Enables you to establish personal (secret and secure) attributes that you can use to search and/or attract like-minded individuals and create like-minded communities with which to communicate secretly and securely.
  • Facilitates secret and secure storage for your Bitcoin: your keys, your coins.
  • Facilitates threshold alerts for the everchanging value of your Bitcoin.
  • Facilitates automated distribution of your Bitcoin to your pre-designated beneficiaries.
  • Alleviates your stress about what happens to your wealth the day you don’t come home.

The SecureSovereign blockchain platform app for your smartphone provides your Intentional Community:

  • SecureAgora benefits,  including an Energy Exchange Ledger to integrate and track all contributions to the community by each member.

The SecureSovereign Platform is brought to you by SecureX Blockchain Technologies:

  • We have over a half century of high tech experience on our team.
  • Our blockchain and crypto guys have launched several products since 2012.
  • The SecureSovereign campaign is our most important initiative, ever!
  • Your contribution includes the ability to help us prioritize various new disruptive tools.
  • Cloaking your online activity going forward is essential to your survival!
  • You will be participating in a Private Member Association!

What We Need & What You Get

Your contribution gets you long-term use of the SecureSovereign app and voting rights (via included Advisory Tokens) to help us prioritize the feature builds and releases going forward:

  • The majority ($3M) of our $5M raise goes to blockchain software development.
  • About $1M will go to marketing the SecureSovereign.com app and related tools.
  • The final $1M will go to legal fees, incurred as we navigate the future of our offering.
  • If we are unable to meet these planned contribution requirements, we will still complete the app (about 30% complete at this point) and make it available as soon as possible.

The Impact

This SecureSovereign platform secures your sovereignty now, providing the confidence that you are able to navigate impositions, while informing the SecureAbundance platform of the future- soon you will be able to automatically watch, rank and disclose the most trustworthy:

  • Voting in Elections (SecureDecision.com)
  • Products – goods and services (SecureProduct.com);
  • Companies – policies and salaries (SecureCompany.com);
  • Reporters – media reporters & critical-thinking Citizen watchers alike (SecureReport.com);
  • Candidates (SecureCampaign.com);
  • Health and well-being of a Community on several levels (SecureVitality.com);
  • Health, well-being and resource wealth of our planet (SecureGlobal.com).

Risks & Challenges

We have significant risks and challenges with this campaign:

  • We are truly blessed with the recent advent of blockchain technology, in time to build this and preserve your Sovereignty.  It is, however, a new technology.  We are proficient.
  • We expect several attempts will occur to de-platform our messaging as we attempt to attract the involvement and assistance of you and those like you.  We will adapt.
  • We do not have an answer regarding our Advisory Token (SECX), which underpins our blockchain network and enables you to help us by voting on feature prioritization.  Will it ever become available as a retail Cryptocurrency?  Only the SEC and time will tell.

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